Book Review: Alice & Lucy Will Work for Bunk Beds

Book Review: Alice & Lucy Will Work for Bunk Beds by Jaime Temairik

Cover photo of Alice and Lucy Will Work for Bunk Beds children's bookThis is a sweet story about two bear sisters who enjoy sharing many things…but not everything! When they realize that they need separate beds they come up with the idea to buy bunk beds. They understand that they are going to need some money to buy the bunk beds, so they come up with the idea of getting a job. Luckily for them, their first job interview is successful and they land a job looking after a wedding cake while the baker is away.

When they find out that babysitting a cake is a boring job they decide to have a bake off. Lucy and Alice shows off the differences in their personality when they choose what to make- plain peanut butter cookies for Alice and a jelly pie for Lucy. They also have very different ways of baking- while Alice is neat, precise and cautious, Lucy is messy and throws caution and planning to the wind.

When their arguing over the results of the bake off results in them ruining the wedding cake right before the groom arrives to pick it up, they realize that they need to save the day with a new wedding cake. Alice and Lucy blend together their tastes and talents to create a fabulous new wedding cake! Hopefully everyone will like it.

This was a very heart warming book about sisters finding out that they don’t always have to agree or like the same things, but compromising and working together will get great results. The illustrations were well done, and I really loved the funny details in the pictures, like the industrial strength sprinkles and the buttons on the mixer. This makes it a great family read and a great book to read to a group of children with mixed ages. Alice & Lucy Will Work for Bunk Beds is the first book that Jaime Temairik has written and I’m sure that her future books will be just as fun to read! You can find out more about the author at her website.

Countdown to Christmas With These Candy Free Advent Calendars for Children.

The anticipation of looking forward to Christmas has always been one of the best parts of Christmas for me. As a child, one of my favourite Christmas traditions that we had was putting a piece up each night on our felt board advent calendar. As Christmas got closer, the scene was filled out more and more with a palm tree, camels, the three Wise Men, etc. I remember arguing about putting up favourite pieces up, such as the star or the angel.

Today you can find Advent calendars of many kinds, but the easiest ones to find are the cardboard Advent calendars filled with chocolates. With many parents trying to limit the amount of candy that their children get, non candy Advent calendars are getting easier to find.

Here’s my round up of candy free Advent calendars.

Felt Advent Calendar Christmas Tree
Felt Advent Calendar from Felterrific on Etsy

I love this charming felt Advent calendar. Each day you add another ornament on the tree as you count down to Christmas!

Gingerbread Square Advent Calendar
Gingerbread Square Advent Calendar by Smart Art by Susie on Etsy

If you want an Advent calendar that you can fill with your own treats, surprises or notes the festive Gingerbread Square Advent calendar works as both a Christmas decoration and a calendar! Open a drawer each day to see what’s inside as you count down to Christmas. It would be really sweet to fill the drawers with notes written with holiday activities for the family, such as “Write a letter to Santa”, “bake cookies” and “wrap presents”

This “Dream Snow” by Eric Carle pop up Advent Calendar is absolutely gorgeous. Each day you open a window to find a decoration to put on the pop out cardboard tree. This would be an especially sweet Advent calendar paired with a copy of the picture book Dream Snow by Eric Carle as a Christmas gift!

Eric Carle 'sDream Snow Pop Up Advent calendar
Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop Up Advent calendar
Melissa and Doug Countdown to  Christmas calendar
Melissa and Doug Countdown to Christmas calendar

This Melissa and Doug Countdown to Christmas calendar is a great way to encourage children to identify numbers. Each days they can find the current day’s number on the tree and place a wooden ornament on it. This can be reused every year!

There are also lots of options out there if you would prefer to buy a pre-filled Advent calendar. This wooden Advent calendar is a really neat because it comes pre-filled, but you could save it for next year’s Christmas and refill the boxes yourself.

Wooden Advent Calendar
Wooden Advent Calendar by Built by Hendo on Etsy

Playmobil sells Advent calendars in different themes such as “Christmas on the Farm” or “Christmas in the Forest”. These include 24 different figures, animals etc that you can also use with Playmobil blocks your child already has. Playmobil has several other Advent calendars with different themes.

Playmobil Christmas on the Farm Advent Calendar
“Playmobil Christmas on the Farm” Advent calendar
Playmobil Christmas in the Forest Advent calendar
Playmobil “Christmas in the Forest” Advent calendar

If your children are more into Lego than Playmobil, there are multiple options to choose from, for both Lego Friends and Lego City fans. These are great accessories to add to your child’s current Lego!

Lego Friends Advent calendar
Lego Friends Advent calendar
Lego City Advent calendar
Lego City Advent calendar

If your children are too young for Lego, the Little People Advent calendar is a great option. Your child can count down to Christmas by opening one door each day to find a Little People figure or accessory.

Little People Advent Calendar
Little People Advent Calendar


Thomas the Train Advent Calendar
Thomas the Train Advent Calendar

This Thomas the Train Advent calendar is the perfect way for little Thomas fans to countdown to Christmas. Each calendar includes 24 mini trains from the Thomas and Friends collection.

If you have an artistic child, or you want an Advent calendar that will encourage creativity, you should check out these Advent calendars that include creative supplies:

Play Doh Advent calendar
Play Doh Advent calendar
Crayola Christmas Countdown calendar
Crayola Christmas Countdown calendar

Happy Birthday to Author Marc Brown!

Happy Birthday to author Marc Brown! Marc Brown is the creator of the Arthur books. The Arthur books were a favourite of mine when I was a child, and I still enjoy reading them and sharing them with kids today. Although the Arthur character looks different these days than he did when I was a child, he’s still the same fun character.

Original Arthur and current Arthur.
What Arthur looked like when the first books were written (left), and what Arthur currently looks like (right).

These days there are many more Arthur books, you can find one for almost any Holiday or event. there is even an Arthur television show that has won 6 Emmy Awards and received 25 Emmy nominations. I don’t always enjoy television shows or movies that are based on books but the Arthur series is a very high quality show that keeps the character and messages of the Arthur books intact.

Here’s some of my favourite Arthur books:

Arthur's New Puppy book cover
Arthur’s New Puppy
Arthur's Lost Library Book book cover
Arthur’s Lost Library Book
Arthur's Underwear book cover
Arthur’s Underwear
Arthur's Tooth book cover
Arthur’s Tooth

Do you have a favourite Arthur book? Share in the comments!



Sewing Leaves- Fall Fine Motor Skills Activity for Children

Sewing Leaves Fine Motor ActivityThis is such a fun yet simple activity to encourage children to develop their fine motor skills.

Materials needed:

  • Leaves
  • Plastic lacing needles (or regular sewing needles if you are doing this activity with children old enough to use them)
  • Coloured embroidery thread (or regular thread if using sewing needles)

Make sure you tie a knot in the end of the embroidery thread before you start sewing. If you are doing this activity with younger kids (or if the thread keeps slipping) you can tie the thread onto the eye of the needle after threading it.


Sewing Leaves Fine Motor Skills Activity 3Showing the kids how to do a simple straight stitch is an easy way to start. To help them grasp the concept you could draw dashes on the leaves with a pen or marker, but once they get the hang of it they can get creative!

Sewing Leaves Fine Motor Skills Activity 4This is a great process oriented activity, and the kids really get into it. I’ve done sewing with kids as young as three and it’s so wonderful to see how quickly they get the hang of it and how strongly they focus on it.

Sewing Leaves Fine Motor Skills Activity 2Have you ever tried sewing with children? How did it turn out?



Monster Books That Won’t Give Kids Nightmares.

Monsters are a popular topic for kids but some monster stories can be a bit too scary for some kids. These monster books are more sweet than scary, but will still delight your little monster lover!

Mrs. Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis

Mrs Mo's Monster book coverWhen a monster visits Mrs. Mo’s house, will he be destructive or can he find something helpful to do? This book will make for a fun read aloud, with children joining in on the monster’s actions “Crunch, Munch and Chew!”. Mrs. Mo’s Monster has a funny ending that will give the children a giggle.

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

Monsters Love Colors books coverThe colourful monsters in this book show children how much fun colours can be! The illustrations are colorful and full of texture. I love how the text really matches the flow of the words and the movement of the monsters. These are happy, dancing, bouncing monsters- not scary at all!

My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown

My Teacher is a Monster book coverBobby’s teacher, Mrs. Kirby, is an absolute monster! But when he runs into her outside of the classroom, will he see a different side to her? Children will enjoy the entertaining story as much as seeing the subtle changes in the illustrations. Although Mrs. Kirby may seem a little frightening at first, kids will finish the book with a changed heart.

How to Win a Monster Race by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves

How to Win a Monster Race book coverWhen Albie’s trip to the car wash turns into joining in on a car race with monsters, there’s loads of excitement! This is a fast paced and silly story that manages to sneak in a lesson on teamwork too. The brightly coloured, furry looking monsters in this book are more cuddly looking than scary.

Monster Trouble by Lane Fredrickson and illustrations by Michael Robertson

Monster Trouble book coverBrave Winifred Schnitzel tries every night to get rid of the monsters that visit. Not because she is scared, but because they keep her awake. Winifred comes up with several clever ideas to chase off the monsters until she comes across the secret to getting rid of them and getting a good nights rest!

What are your favourite monster books for children?