7 Not So Scary Halloween Books for Younger Readers.

Halloween can be great fun with costumes, trick or treating, Halloween parties and spooky stories but some children don’t like the scary aspects of Halloween so much. Here are 7 not so scary Halloween books for younger readers.

Cover of Ten Orange Pumpkins bookTen Orange Pumpkins by Stephen Savage

This Halloween themed counting book is perfect for younger readers. Count along as one by one, pumpkins disappear in spooky ways! The illustrations in this book are perfect, simple but with a solid Halloween vibe.

Orange pumpkin on deep blue backgroundHappy Halloween by Liesbet Slegers

Happy Halloween takes us through a fun Halloween day filled with many activities celebrated with friends and family, from pumpkin carving to making a Halloween present to trick or treating. This is a sweet not spooky story that would be great for little readers. The illustrations are bright and colourful and combined with the story, make a very cheerful Halloween book!

Haunted house with pumpkin and moonBoo! Haiku by Deanna Caswell and Bob Shea

Boo! Haiku is a fun Halloween read aloud book. Kids will enjoy guessing what each of the ten haikus is describing. The illustrations are cute, making this book sweet instead of scary, and the illustrations give clues for each haiku. Although this book would be wonderful for younger readers because it isn’t scary, it still has a Halloween vibe and it’s interesting enough that kids who are a bit older would enjoy it too. Great for introducing poetry!

Pookie pig with two jack o lanternsSpooky Pookie by Sandra Boynton

Follow Pookie as he searches for a costume in this sweet Halloween board book. A must have board book for all Sandra Boynton fans.

Peep and Egg chicksPeep and Egg I’m Not Trick or Treating by Laura Gehl, pictures by Joyce Wan

Peep and Egg are getting ready for Halloween but everything scares Egg and reminds him that he doesn’t want to go trick or treating. Peep decides to go trick or treating by themselves, but being left all alone is pretty scary for Egg! So they gather their courage to go trick or treating with Peep. This Halloween board book would be great for younger kids or any kids who are worried about going trick or treating.

Pug and Pig in skeleton Halloween costumesPug and Pig Trick or Treat by Sue Lowell Gallion and Joyce Wan

In this sweet Halloween book for younger readers, Pig and Pug are ready for Halloween with their costumes, scarecrows and pumpkins. Pig loves everything about her costume but Pug does not love his costume. Pig is sad because she wants someone to do all of the fun Halloween activities with. Pug doesn’t want to join in until he gets an idea for a new Halloween costume that he will love. This story is a great not so scary Halloween book. It’s also a great book to introduce the idea of compromises and the fact that it’s ok to like different things than your friends. This is probably my favourite book on the list. I really love pugs, and the illustrations by Joyce Wan are absolutely adorable! (She also illustrated Peep and Egg I’m Not Trick or Treating, above)

Emu and other Australian animlas in front of a full moonEmu’s Halloween written by Anne Morgan and illustrated by David Cornish.

Emu wants to make a scary Halloween party but isn’t sure what to do. His friends join in to make a spooky Halloween party. This Halloween book is a fun and not scary Halloween book. The story features different Australian animals like a Tasmanian devil and an echidna, neat for a book to feature more unusual animals that are not frequently shown in kid’s books. This book also makes an interesting way to talk about working together and making friends.



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